Too Mind On Two Minds


It's quite contrary to mention this..

I suppose your wife doesn't understand you when you urge to buy that brand new Aston Martin. It wasn't a revenge on her constant impulse buying habit. You want to drive that new car. You want to feel the happiness of having a second wife. You just don't friggin mind even when she said you're out of mind.

But then again..

If happiness is all we want, then why go for sad movies? And if security is what we need, shouldn't we avoid driving a fast car?

I reckon we don't really mind having a life without happiness and security after all. I know I can read your mind. Okay, not women's - I still don't know what they want.

Halo Bluff-alo


During my younger days, I used to cheat on exams to please my parents to practice the fine art of cheating. The main challenge wasn't on the exam questions - it's basically on how you cheat. Let's face it, no brain in this world work like a sponge on the night before exam.

Here's the top 5 crazy methods.

1 The Magic Pen Method
2 The Coke Bottle Method
3 Write on Fingernail Method
4 Masking Tape Method
5 Mechanical Pencil Notes

Good luck!

Eating and Vomiting Inspiration


I'm currently facing two challenges - to find a concrete purpose in life (which I think everyone seldom spare a single minute on it) and to find a way to remove blocks that prevents me from feeling inspired. I can probably sum both into one, relates all as a life challenge. I can just google for motivational quotes - but those inspirational words will only last for a minute or two.

The fact that I acknowledged them as challenges instead of problems gives me a whole new enthusiastic breath. I keep them in my to-do list instead of to-avoid list. No doubt I still desperately need consistent mental stimulus to fix them.

Thinking of doing merely put me nowhere. Finding an answer for those questions could be my purpose in life after all.

Happy Moo Year!


No matter who you are, where you from and what you do, I would like wish everyone a very Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Compliment Day!!!

In short, happy holidays! teehee

Shut Up I Am Dreaming


It's been more than a month since I left my blog behind. I was less expecting my blog traffic to grow, which surprisingly it did.

In pursue for a better salary, my new job has brought my blogging activity to a temporary halt. Sad, but I still have a dream to catch car loan to settle.

Whenever I stare at bathroom mirrors and office windows, I often think out loud. What's my dream again? It just appeared to be cloudy until I make it clear.

I'm not unmindful that life should be spent wisely. I will certainly fill mine with colorful and meaningful things as I remind myself while facing the sudden reflection of my dream.

A new year is on the way, so I hope to dream my life and live my dream.